Beloit Kombucha Powder

Beloit Kombucha Powder

Water Flavor Packets, Natural Probiotic Drink for Gut Health, Healthy Drinks, Low Sugar and Calorie Mix, No Apple Cider Vinegar Taste, 15 Pack (Blueberry Mint Flavor)
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  • Beloit Kombucha Co (BK&CO)
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  • 🫐 KOMBUCHA POWDER: Our kombucha packets provide the same health benefits as regular Kombucha drinks, but without the clunky glass bottles, expensive price tags, and extremely short shelf life. One stick of Beloit's kombucha drink mix delivers 1 billon CFU probiotics to your gut while containing only 2g of sugar and 25 calories.
  • 🫐 PROBIOTIC POWDER: We are the original powdered kombucha featuring BC30 (Bacillus Coagulans) - a superior probiotic ingredient which is shown to support immune and digestive health in adults. Our kombucha blueberry is also enriched with probiotics which can help improve mood and gut health, as well as robust antioxidants which can help to keep the body healthy.
  • 🫐 BETTER TASTING, BETTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: We didn't cut any corners! Our kombucha tea tastes better and doesn't give you that Apple Cider Vinegar taste, uses less sugar, and has a smaller carbon footprint thanks to its small form factor.
  • 🫐 KOMBUCHA ON THE GO: Our kombucha powder sticks are portable and easy to use! You can keep a couple of sticks in your bag and enjoy a kombucha drink when at work, school, when running errands, when you're on a hike, etc. Just pour into 8 ounces of water, stir and enjoy!
  • 🫐 SUGGESTED USE: This kombucha pack includes 15 sticks of our great tasting Blueberry Mint kombucha powder. Pop one out when you want to rehydrate and revitalize before or after a workout, when you want to stay healthy and refreshed on your busy days, and/or when you need to cleanse after a heavy meal.
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  • Healthy
    Our kombucha drink mix delivers 1 Billion CFU probiotics per serving. We test this at the time of manufacture, so we know for sure.
  • Natural
    Beloit Kombucha knows health starts from the ground up. We only use verified natural ingredients to create our powdered kombucha.
  • Delicious
    Our flavors are bold and delicious. We strive to create flavor combinations that stimulate and energize.

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